Push. Testimonial

Lobby Inside Push Offices in Downtown Orlando

PUSH – “Our space would not be what it is without [your] leadership.”
Re: PUSH Office

After outgrowing a building we built from the ground up, we knew we had a difficult task ahead of us to create an even better environment when we moved our offices to the heart of downtown Orlando. Andrew General Contractors helped us do just that.

It is a rare occasion that we are the client for a creative project. Everyone at AGC understood the vision we had to create an office space that was functional for our growing needs and a space that was truly unique to Orlando.

Todd and his staff were amazing to work with. They communicated every step of the process, they were efficient and they worked through the inevitable changes you encounter during the construction phase without missing a beat.

It must also be noted that our space would not be what it is without the leadership of Darryl Derthick, superintendent of our project. He always made sure that he and his team went above and beyond to make us happy.

We look forward to working with Todd and his team again when we outgrow this space.

Rich Wahl
President, COO