Our Process

What to Expect

The first step in making your vision a reality is meeting with our team to discuss the details and goals of your project. Based on the vision you share with us, our team will make design recommendations and add value to the overall project experience, building the foundation for our partnership with you.

Stage 1: Share Your Vision

The first decision to make is who will be responsible for managing the design team and construction team. We’ve outlined the three most common design methods below:

Once the delivery method is determined, our team goes to work generating recommendations and providing guidance to ensure your vision is achieved. The first step is always the most critical step and provides a measured mile for ensuring your project’s success: permit/construction documents, established budget, and established project schedule. Your vision starts to become a reality!

Stage 2: Build Your Vision

The permit documents developed in Stage 1 are submitted to the local building department for review. The permitting agency reviews the permit documents for code compliance and issues a permit to our team for construction. Our Pre-Construction team is busy while the permit drawings are reviewed, developing scopes of work and distributing the drawings to our preferred pool of qualified trade partners for pricing. Soliciting trade partner bids is the last step to determine the final construction cost. Pricing is received, vetted, and the overall construction cost of the project based on current market conditions is established. The construction cost becomes the contract amount for the construction of your project.

A project team is assigned to your job and begins the final buyout process with the trade partners, issuing subcontracts based upon the pricing received. During this step, the project manager and superintendent perform a detailed evaluation of the project and develop the final project schedule confirming the start date, finish dates and milestone dates. Our team will conduct a pre-mobilization meeting with you and review the project logistics, schedule, and additional information regarding documentation and execution of the project. The project is mobilized after the permit documents are approved, and the Agreement between Owner and Contractor is executed. Excitement builds as construction commences and you watch your vision rise out of the ground! Your dedicated team will provide frequent communication and develop solutions when changes arise. 

Stage 3: Live Your Vision

You have watched as your project has progressed from: your vision, to paper documents, to bricks and mortar in the field, and your project’s completion is quickly approaching. A strong finish is just as important as a strong start and our team is there the whole way.  We work tirelessly to complete your project on or before your completion date. Once the project nears completion, the final inspections will be scheduled, the punch list will be completed, and the final cleaning performed.  The construction team will wrap up the construction process by compiling the closeout and operations documentation and training your team on the operations of the facility. Final financial and payment information is reviewed and submitted for final payment. Once the Certificate of Occupancy is issued, your vision has become a reality and you can occupy your new building! Let Andrew General Contractors, Inc. become a partner in making your vision a reality!

Let’s work together

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