McEwan, Martinez & Dukes, P.A.

McEwan, Martinez & Dukes, P.A. – β€œAt the end, we were still as happy as we were the first day.”
Re: Office Renovation

Please thank your entire staff for a job well done at our office. We entered this construction project with great trepidation and fear as to how much disruption this project would do to our office. As soon as we started it was obvious to us that any fears we had about disruption were not well founded when it came to our association with your company.

Your staff was professional, hard working, quiet and clean. It appears the work was being done by ghosts. Everyday that we would come in, progress was noted.

I think the biggest compliment I can serve you and your company comes from a conversation I had with a friend. I mentioned to him recently that we were having a major remodeling and construction project in our building. I noted how impressed I was with Andrew General Contractors and how happy we were with your performance. My friend indicated to me that I should wait until the end of the project and see if I would say the same thing about you. I chuckled and told my friend that the project was over. Confirming that at the end, we were still as happy as we were the first day.

Again, thanks very much for your professionalism, your hard work and your excellent staff. Please feel free to use us as a reference at any time.

Ralph Martinez
McEwan, Martinez & Dukes, P.A.