One of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of construction is the design/build concept

One of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of construction is the design/build concept, which allows for more client participation, single-source responsibility, better communication, value engineering, fast-tracking, and better cost control in the design and construction of the project.

We work together with you in all phases of construction from developing the plans to completing the project. This method offers you price and schedule control early in the process, and it sets the responsibility of the project in one place — the design/build team.

Advantages of applying design/build solutions include:

  • Single-source responsibility. From the very beginning, we’re responsible for the entire construction and design process — under one contract. We assume all responsibility for all phases, including architectural, planning, building permitting, site preparation, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering, as well as the actual construction.
  • Better communication. We create a partnership with not only the client but also with the subcontractors and major suppliers for a project. From start to finish, communication is greatly improved.
  • Value engineering. Design/Build allows for value engineering — a process for reducing the cost of a project without major changes that affect the intended function or overall appearance of a structure.
  • Fast-tracking. Design/Build allows for fast-tracking — many different construction activities taking place at one time — to move the project forward at an accelerated pace.
  • Guaranteed maximum price. In order to ensure that your budget is not compromised, a guaranteed maximum price often can be established early in the project based on an approved scope of work.

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