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Fry Hammond Barr — “Better than budget. Great job. No wonder we like you.”
Re: Office Addition

What a pleasant experience for us at Fry Hammond Barr. Thanks to you and your staff, the office expansion went well and we became new friends . . . ahead of time. Better than budget. Great Job. No wonder we like you.

Of course there were some things we wanted added. You handled it fairly. Even the surprises didn’t cause loss of sleep. And, thanks to your Superintendent, Ted Miller, city regulations didn’t cause heartburn.”

Peter C. Barr
President/Chief Executive Officer
Fry Hammond Barr

Fry Hammond Barr — “The place looks fabulous”
Re: Office Addition

I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful job. We all have fallen in love with John [Sokol] and hate to see him go. He is always a friendly, smiling face in the midst of our stressful chaos over here. And even though you [Todd Andrew] are behind the scenes, I know you’ve jumped through a few hoops to make us happy. I’ve never gone through this process before in my capacity as Vice President. I’ve learned a lot – sometimes at the expense of the agency and AGC. I appreciate your patience.

I guess you can say I almost hate to see it end. The place looks fabulous though.

Janette Estep
Vice President/Controller
Fry Hammond Barr